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Oct 1, 2020 - Oct 31, 2020

31- Days Alkaline Diet Challenge

  • 31Days
  • 61Steps


The alkaline diet is one of many trendy diets that claims to improve your health, help you lose weight and even fight cancer. The alkaline diet is based on a theory that some foods cause your body to produce acid, which is harmful. The hope is that by eating certain foods or drinking certain kinds of beverages, you can change the body’s acid level, also called its pH levels. The pH scale measures how acidic or basic something is, on a scale of 0-14. Something that is alkaline is on the basic end of the scale, or greater than 7. Instructions : 1. Instead of Refined Sugar try Jaggery, Honey , Dates . 2. Try more citrus fruits , Citrus fruits are acidic by taste but is alkaline forming. 3. No fried Items . 4.Reduce masala's in food. 5. No non veg . (Not able to avoid non veg? Then okay try have chicken , fish , egg in gravy form weekly once, No red meat strictly. 6. Include greens daily or every alternate days. 7. No Refined cereals, Include whole cereals and millet more. 8. Include more fruits and Vegetables . 9. Include small onion (or) South Indian onion (or) Sambhar onion instead of big one. 10. Include nuts daily (Hand full).





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